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Making Art


I thrive off creating truly one of a kind Pop Art paintings, that bring brands to life! 


Take a look at some of my work.

Robert Holton
Robert Holton

My Story

Art saved my life. 


I guess I knew I would be an artist one day. Even as a boy I was drawn to creative projects and thought I would be ending up in a creative environment. And happened, I started a sign business with my father in our garage. The rest is history. Today, my son Trevor runs the business successfully. 



The more I worked  creatively for clients the more I wanted to become an artist myself, but life happens. In April 2003, my wife Alicia passed away after a four year battle with cancer. 


To my astonishment I realized that every time I finished a painting the better I felt and the more I looked forward to my next art project. I started to enjoy life again.  It is especially heartwarming every time I see my collectors having similar reactions to my work.  


I have been blessed with the opportunity to create custom art for high profile clients. The content of my paintings are things that remind me of the special moments in life. Making art is more rewarding than creating a product, I believe I will never stop painting.



Robert Holton’s Drizzle Sign/Pop Art: By hand-painting each piece  I bring humanity into well-known images. With the application of my drizzling patterns I change a common image  to be seen as an art work and I keep the imagination of the viewer active. 



The greatest part of my artist life was when Marita walked into my gallery in Laguna Beach. We got married in the spring of 2016 and she started her own art business . Since then her own artistry flourished, making stunning one-of-a-kind Tiaras, headpieces and jewelry. Life is great… Live it fully.





Dorry G.

   I own several pieces of drizzle art by Robert Holton. They are gorgeous art pieces- vibrant, energetic, and eye-catching. They inspire and light-heartedness. They are also movingly sentimental. They are pretty, but they also mean something. Robert paints subjects that bring back happy memories for many people. The work beautifies my house, but it also warms my home!

Erik S.

   My love with Roberts’ Drizzle artwork was instantaneous. He had a booth at a festival (Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach) filled with marvelous works and as each work spoke more loudly to me than the other, it was his artistic approach and Pop style that spoke the loudest. His artwork communicates with me and all the artwork in my collection uniquely and makes me smile. In addition to loving his work, I have had the privilege of commissioning artwork from Robert which is such a pleasurable experience that it can only be defined as a treat. It is my plan to collect more of his art and  enjoy an unyielding love affair with his artwork for the remainder of time.”

Kim & Ken E.

My husband and I met Robert at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach a few years ago. We admired his art

and thought how fun it would be to have him do a custom piece for us. My husband's birthday was coming

up and I thought this was the best time to commission him to do a fun piece.

My husband is a pilot for United.  I thought what better way to tie his work and art together.

Robert helped me come up with the perfect picture. He used his creativity and came up with

a wonderful piece. Adding his signature "Drizzle" made the picture pop and more unique.

Thank you for sharing your work with not only us, but all those that have had the opportunity to see what

you create. You are so talented and such a pleasure to work with. Each time we look at this outstanding

piece of art, we smile.

Robert you created our masterpiece and we are so thankful.

Maybe we can work together again soon.

All our best -

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